Listings: Tickets

The Listing Tickets service returns a token that allows limited and temporary access to a listing on behalf of a user. Specific applications which support tickets will consume a ticket to provide an unauthenticated service request.

These Listing Tickets are currently used to give access for file uploads - photos and documents.

  1. Supported Roles
  2. Available Services
    1. Listing Tickets
  3. Response Description
  4. Expansions
  5. API Explorer

Supported Roles

Role Reads Writes Notes
Public No No
Portal No No
Private Yes Yes
More information about roles may be found here.

Available Services

Listing Tickets

/<API Version>/listings/<Listing.Id>/tickets

/<API Version>/listings/<Listing.Id>/photos/tickets

/<API Version>/listings/<Listing.Id>/documents/tickets

HTTP Method Description Notes
POST Creates a new service ticket
GET,PUT,DELETE Returns HTTP 405 (Method Not Allowed) Not implemented

POST Request

  • None
Request body:
    "D": {
        "Service": "PhotoUploads"

POST Response

    "D": {
        "Success": true,
        "Results": [
                "Token": "ae788854e77d2f6c87d79c47b90c54ea",
                "ExpiresIn": 3600,
                "Service": "PhotoUploads"
                "Uri": "https:\/\/\/uploads\/photos"

Response Description

Attribute Data Type Writeable Description
Uri Character No The URI to the application that will accept this ticket.
Token Character No The unique identifier for this ticket. The client application is responsible for keeping this value secret prior to use.
ExpiresIn Integer No Time remaining to use this ticket before it expires (in seconds). The ticket will expire automatically after first successful use regardless of this value.



API Explorer

The API Explorer does not currently support this service.