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Standalone FloPlan API - Obtaining Access

Since the FloPlan API operates against a standalone dataset, any existing approvals to access a RETS feed, the Spark® API, or a different RESO Web API feed will not apply. New authorization exclusive to the FloPlan API must be provided by the MLS.

Note that in most cases a developer will only need to step through the authorization process a single time for MLS wide access on behalf of their clients, however, if your IDX product is spread across multiple hosts or is not directly within your sole administrative control (such as a Wordpress Plugin), then you'll need to request multiple access tokens; one for each host/client. This requirement is for security reasons. If malicious access occurs as a result of actions by one host and FBS is forced to disable a token, this ensures that your other hosts and clients will be unaffected. If you have any questions please contact FBS at

  1. Cost
  2. The Approval Process
  3. FloPlan API Authorization Form

1. Cost

FloPlan API access is free for IDX website developers, agents, and brokers.

If you are not an IDX website developer, agent, or broker, different terms apply. Please reach out to FBS for more information.


2. The Approval Process

  1. Developer completes the FloPlan API authorization form.
  2. Developer forwards completed authorization form to the MLS (not FBS). Be sure to indicate in both the email subject and body that this is a request for the FloPlan API rather than RETS or the Spark API.
  3. The MLS will then communicate with you directly should any questions or concerns arise or sign the for if they'd like to approve your access.
  4. The MLS will forward the signed form to FBS directly.
  5. FBS will process the request and you'll receive an email at the technical contact email address noted in the authorization form containing a FloPlan API access token.

Note that most requests are processed by FBS within 24 hours; however, delays may occur. If you have not received credentials within 48 hours of the MLS confirming that they've forwarded the signed form to FBS, please contact our support team. Otherwise, all approval inquiries should be directed to the MLS.


3. FloPlan API Authorization Form

Click here and follow the steps presented on the form.